Install SSL Root Certificate for Mozilla Firefox Browsers

Enabling SSL  intercept on the Symantec Web Security Service requires you to also install an SSL root certificate, downloadable from the service portal, on each employee client browser. If you do not perform this procedure, employees receive certificate error pop-up dialogs for each SSL connection attempt.

Perform the following steps for Mozilla Firefox browsers. The procedures assume that you have downloaded the root certificate from your Web Security Service portal account to a network location.

Tip: Download a text file, which you can edit and post or distribute to employees with existing systems (with possible modifications, such as the network location of the root cert file). Note: To install the certificate, users must have admin privileges on their client systems.

    1. Select Advanced.
    2. Select the Encryption tab.
    3. Click View Certificates. The browser displays the Certificate Manager dialog.
    4. Navigate to where you stored the certificate and click Open.
    5. Click Import. The browser displays the Downloading Certificate dialog.
  1. If this dialog does not display, you must upgrade Firefox to a recent version.

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