Connectivity: About Proxy Forwarding

The Proxy Forwarding access method allows you to leverage an on-premises Symantec Secure Web Gateway (Blue Coat ProxySG or ASG appliance) in conjunction with the Web Security Service to achieve web security without physical product scaling.

Common Use Cases

  • I already have the on-premises appliances installed in various locations, but I want to use the Web Security Service to extend some security features. For example, I want to use the WSS Content Filtering policy editor to define a destination rule that applies to multiple locations (appliance egress IP addresses).
  • I have historically used appliances to perform web security tasks, but I want to migrate to the cloud. This will take some time and I want to carefully transition before removing appliances.
  • I want to move some web security tasks to the cloud, but I want some tasks to remain local. For example, caching or authentication with established realms.
  • The cloud provides a more economical way to perform malware scanning and reporting versus expanding on-premises infrastructure.

Proxy-Based Overviews

The Proxy Forwarding connectivity method is the native deployment solution. In addition, other proxy-based solutions might also be appropriate for your environment.

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