Force Safe Searches

Safe Search refers to individual browser settings that allow or disallow displaying links to mature/inappropriate site and image results when using the browser's search function. The Symantec WSS provides the following browser search engine policy controls.

  • Allow all search engines.
  • Fully enforce Google's Safe Search mode regardless of the client browser's configuration. Google is the only search engine that the WSS currently fully enforces. If you enable this option, select the policy action the service takes against requests to other engines.

Tip: When Safe Search is enabled, the WSS performs minimal SSL interception, which is required for policy enforcement. This is regardless of the current SSL Interception enabled/disabled state (Network > SSL Interception). If your employee base reports certificate warnings, deploy the WSS trusted certificate. See Install Encrypted Traffic Certificates and Examine Encrypted (HTTPS) Traffic.

  1. Select Enabled.
  2. Select the action for other search engine requests (as described above).

Note: This safe search engine feature is a modification for the October, 2015 WSS update. If you had previously enabled Safe Search and specified actions for specific engines, the WSS defaults to this policy: Enable Safe Search for Google Search and Allow Unsafe Searches.