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About the Auth Connector Integration

The Auth Connector is authentication agent specific to the Web Security Service. Installed on an Active Directory member server (Windows Server 2008 R2 is the minimum), it performs the following.

  • Forwards user and group information to the WSS to allow custom policy based on group and/or user names before they begin generating traffic; without it, you must wait until users/groups generate traffic and then re-actively create policy.
  • Monitors login and logout activity of domain users to build an IP-to-username-matrix.
  • Informs the WSS of user login and logout activities to keep the IP-to-user-matrix updated; or maintains this matrix itself on the Domain Controller and pushes the updated matrix regularly to the Cloud.

If you are concerned about the scalability of your Domain Controller, install the Auth Connector onto member servers.

This topic describes the Auth Connector agent network footprint.

Configure the Auth Connector?